We only achieve as a team, no one is left behind.


To Join Who Dares Wins is to be part of a growing team. We are now running in the UK and US.

We work hard, we play hard.  With military skills and drills taught by the HQ team and a mind-set that is to be the best, we have developed a team that is strong and determined.  We have spent the last 10 years developing a team that has a reputation for achieving goals, helping players both new and old.

We are looking for team members that want to grow the sport and the team. With commitment and a can do attitude. There is a training matrix and as much help that is needed is given to each new member.  We want you to succeed.

With military precision we attack each game as a complete unit as if it were an op.

Paul Edwards

Team Captain - HQ

The 5 Stage Application Process


Contact the HQ team to join.  This can be done through the website or social media or even at events.


New members wear the associate patch which is black and white.  There is a fee for this patch which is £10.  After payment we will then need your info for your profile page. ( a bit about you and your loadout )


Join in the training sessions and games throughout the year. You then get to see if you want be part of the team. The team can also then see if you fit as part of the unit.


Show that you are committed  to the team and that you are an asset.  Show the HQ team that you can be part of the team and you can follow the guidelines laid out.


Once the HQ team are satisfied and you are satisfied you will be awarded your full colour patch.


We will be watching closely  over the year and awarding team member of the year. We don't just watch what is done on the field but also your activities to help the team grow and succeed.


The benifits of joining the team are always changing.

Personal Development.  We aim to grow and develop each member to become a better part of the team.  With the use of training days and onfield training and evaluation.

Social Engagement.  We arrange social events to ensure we can develop a bond across the team.

Central Booking and Control.  Events are co-ordinated and booked through HQ to ensure any discounts can be used across the team.  Cheaper hotels, cheaper paint and where possible cheaper events.

Discounted equipment.  Due to the accessability of the sponsors we have we have access to discouned equipment which is passed onto the team members.  Orders are placed through HQ and bulked together to get the best discounts possible.

Shared Logistics.  We pool together for transport and hotels where required to ensure costs are cut down to a minimum.


So rules are as follows. We expect players to play fair and honest. The team as an MOD squad so there is structure. Members need to try and commit to at least 5 days play a year but we understand life gets in the way. Patches worn should be sponsor patches and team patches where possible. 

Members will purchase their black and white patch at £10. Once the team member is happy and HQ are happy the colour patch will be issued free of charge.

If kit is wanted to be purchased we do bulk orders through the sponsors controlled by HQ as we have the discount order emails along with the contacts. If we bulk order means we share delivery costs. Same as import orders to minimize costs like postage and customs fees. 

Only other thing is WDW patch goes on right arm where possible.  We try and stick to mostly sponsored patches as that's how we keep them.

We do have quite a few perks that are for team members only. Please respect that and keep the perks to yourself

The team is organised through Facebook so u may be added to chats/groups and through an app called Instateam.

All we need from players is sportsmanship, loyalty, a sense of humour and the want to play.

You will be required to supply us some info for your profile page like the others on the website and some pictures of you playing.  We will add more as they get taken at events.

Contact The HQ Team

Based out of Birmingham UK


Texas USA

Chicago Illinois USA

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About Who Dares Wins Paintball Team

A magfed paintball team with military and paintball background. Recruiting new players into the sport and playing across the globe to put a presence in the paintball community.