Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh

Being new to magfed but not to paintball Andy is bringing a drive and a passion for paintball into the team.  "I started playing  in 1994 with a level 7 68 auto mag. Then I had a gap from playing and got back into it again. I love the cammarardery and general friendly ness of most people in paintball.I'm quite easy going and use to being on my own and working in teams. So I more that understand about working as a unit, and having a good foundation of discipline, fluid action, control, communication and duel roll team work."


Planet m170r and electronic 170r
Dye r1 and r2 hoppers with and without speed feed
Dye regs and one dye 1.3 air tank and one Russian legion 1.1 with dye regs.
Dye pods
General gear
Valken tiger stripe pants,
pod vest and pod belt pack
Use a JT felx8 goggle system
Viper armoured gloves
Planet eclipse skids shorts, elbow, knee and chest protection
Dye head bands


Stealth custom 468 with g36 rail
Dye reg and air tank either gun mounted or on a ninja side remote line
Helix mags or mcs 140 round box mags
Various Mollie chest rig layouts
Swat tiger stripe dropped leg holster
Ppq with three mags
Ptm1 handgun with two mags
Baofeng UV-5r radio