Vince Branch

Vince Branch

Vince brings over 24 Years of active US Army service and has over 9 years paintball experience, originally beginning as a woodsball player.  He is now active in both woodsball and magfed.  He has attended numerous Milsim games and working with various personnel and scenarios.  He has held positions of team captain and squad leader.  Considered to be an adaptable player with the ability to adjust into different roles as a CQB player, tactical assault player and a sniper.  The use of darkness, stealth and patience are his traits as a player.

Vince is currently heading up part of our US branch of the team with support from the main HQ team in the UK

You can contact Vince through Facebook or via e-mail



Tippmann TMC




Bump Helmet

DYE i4 DCam Mask

Z-Tac Headset

Baofeng Radio

True Spec Top

True Spec Pants

Empite Tac Vest

Condor Leg Holster

Black Hawk Dump Pouch

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