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2023 - Who Dares Cares

Over 2023 we will be supporting Who Dares Cares in various ways over the year from raffles to sponsored events.  

This is a charity close to the teams heart and we look forward to working closely with them over the coming events.

Watch this space for more news.

Here is their background.

Who Dares Cares supports our Armed Forces, Emergency Services and Veterans including their families who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  They provide weekend retreat facilities where individuals and families can spend a weekend away from the daily grind and relax in fun activities, Walk, Talk and Brew Groups where they have teams of volunteers across the United Kingdom meeting with groups of people who maybe just want to clear their head and have the support of the charity volunteers through participating in some gentle exercise or attending a PTSD awareness group or individual session to help provide a better understanding of what the signs and symptoms of PTSD are, how to manage symptoms and ways that families can better support in a way that is helpful to the individual.  The charity recognises the importance of exercise as part of recovery and they work to encourage this and make this accessible for those who are struggling with PTSD and anxiety related issues. 


The charity was founded in Hamilton, Scotland in 2016 by two former serving soldiers, Calum MacLeod (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) and Colin Maclachlan (Royal Scots and Special Air Service).  After Calum and Colin met, sharing their own stories, and becoming friends, bound by their own experiences, they both realised they could help so many other people, who were left ‘alone’ to deal with their experiences, thoughts and traumas. They decided to build a platform that would provide help and support to individuals and their families, all in the way of Who Dares Cares.


There are a number of volunteers that support the charity, all with varying skills, from military backgrounds to nurses, who offer help and support to all of their followers in many different ways.  Their volunteers are just that, volunteers. They are dedicated to the charity and give up their own time and effort to support other people in so many different ways. Without them, Who Dares Cares wouldn’t be able to provide the dedicated support that they can.


Anyone with a service record and a history of PTSD should apply for support, even if you're not sure you meet the criteria, each application is assessed on an individual basis.  For more details please email the Who Dares Cares Support Team Mailbox on and if you wish to learn more about this amazing charity and how you can support its vital work, please visit


It is not about suffering from PTSD it is about learning to live with PTSD!

To donate to the work of Who Dares Cares please go to:

May 2023 - Kronos Juniors - Clash of the Ages - £798.50

Raised via charity raffle, a head shave of Andy Farley where each £5 donation gave people a raffle ticket for prizes we donated. 

May 2023 - Paul Edwards - Facebook Charity Birthday Post - £212

Raised via charitable donations via Facebook Charity Birthday Post.

July 2023 - Team - OMG Events - Red Hammer 5 Pintball Event - Sennybridge Fibua Village - £TBC

Raised via charity raffle, sniper competition and donations.