Dye i5

Dye i5 Paintball Mask

Please note all reviews are personal opinions and other peoples opinions do differ.

After using the Dye i4 for many years changing to a new mask is a big deal. The i5 was the right choice in my opinion, with the ability to use i4 lenses which I have many of and the ultra low profile similar to the i4 the i5 is a great mask.

The i5 is deeper in the face to stop those shots in the jaw line which in the past I have had a few. the new clamp on the rear is a great feature and makes the mask fit so well on the face.

The increased venting helps to keep the mask from steaming up.

I also like the new foam system and having the ability to change the mask foam without glue is excellent.

The new camera clamp is still to be tested but the idea is good.

The new lense clamps I find easier to change lenses on the fly.