MSC 468

MCS 468

Please note all reviews are personal opinions and other peoples opinions do differ.

Rap 4 / MCS 468  Rifle

So I have  tried a few paintball rifles over the years but after the first time I used a 468 I fell in love wi  th it. This was before they done alot of work on it and made it better.  The no mess mechanical system is excellent.  It can be stripped in the field by pulling one pin. a quick clean and you are good to go. 

Like any rifle, if you look after it, it will look after you.  A little bit of lubrication after a clean and it works every time.

I have done a bit of work on my main 468 since I brought it. All for the better.

Dmags to Helix (now supplied as standard)

Javlin Bolt 2 Upgrade (now supplied as standard)

1 piece upper (now supplied as standard)

2018 Upgrades to Helix mags  (now supplied as standard)

Extended  Magwell

I love the 20 round helix mags which I can get 21 rounds in. They fit in standard 5.56 Mag pouches.  With 8 mags out of a 13ci bottle it keeps me in the fight.

The rifle can be customised into your own look and feel and for those that want Bolt action there is a DMR version just for you.

I have added a few pictures of my 468's for your viewing and by all means catch me on a game to give one a try.

Available from Modern Combat Sports.